‘Tonight It Follows’ Seeks to Escape the Horrors of Pixel Art Graveyards


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A normally-relaxing walk past the tombstones at night turns a little spooky when something decides it’s going to creep around after you in Tonight It Follows.

What are you to do when things go sour on your jaunt amongst the catacombs? Tonight It Follows punishes a hapless protagonist for sauntering through the graveyard by having them dogged by creepy creatures. They’re pretty persistent in their desire to turn you into a pile of blooded shreds, so you’ll want to either avoid them or start smacking them with your melee weapon quickly. Whichever option you think will result in you keeping your organs on the inside.

A great variety of specters mean to do you harm, too. A large fellow with a pickaxe seems to want to bury it in your skull, a puppet on what appears to be bloody strings is also out to get you, as is a gentleman with some uncomfortably-long fingers. The art for these creatures looks almost silly and lighthearted at a glance, but something about these misshapen creatures rushing at you from the darkness makes them quite chilling.

The atmosphere of Tonight It Follows only makes that fearful sensation stronger. The sense of being constantly followed, the disturbing imagery and locales to be explored, and the story the game hints at all make for an unsettling time. But I mean, what did you expect from wandering through graveyards at night? To not get haunted by bloody visions?

Tonight It Follows is available now through a donation to Puppet Combo’s Patreon.

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