‘QT’ Hides Adorable Secrets in a Spooky House


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Haunted houses get a bad rap in video games. What if some of them were filled with cute friends instead of cranky spirits? QT asks this important question.

Sure, things might start off spooky (and a little familiar) in QT, but somewhere in this creepy place is your new best friend, Weemble. Isn’t it worth it to endure a little bit of a scary walk to go see your best friend? Best friends are the best. It’s right there in the name. So OF COURSE you will, right?

If you;re not sure that it’s safe, keep in mind that this is a game from Happy Snake Games. They’re pretty good at making adorable, cheerful titles, so their take on horror is bound to be interesting (and likely not terribly frightening). I mean, look at the variety of fun-loving people who are hanging out in this haunted house. I bet they’re cheering all those angry ghosts right up with some bright lights, good times, and happy moments. Maybe all ghosts need is a bit of laughter and some fun to stop being all murder-y.

QT is just the start of a grand cute project the developer is working on, too. QT: COMPENDIUM OF CUTENESS is a collection of three charming games for you to get lost in. QT is the first, followed by MUSEUM, which takes you to an exhibit filled with a vast variety of adorable things. The last is KOUEN, an open world game where you are a park ranger who has to take care of some places. You’re free to wander about, feeding deer and making beds for beetles.

Basically, if your life needs a massive infusion of cute, this collection may be what you need.

QT is available for free on Itch.io. If you wish to support the creation of the QT COMPENDIUM OF CUTENESS, you can head to the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

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