‘Bunny Business’ is All About Exploration, Party-Throwing, & Selling Rabbits


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Come one, come all from all corners of the galaxy to the bunny selling store! In Bunny Business, players will be creating and selling all sorts of Raboids to different planets.

From your magical ice-cream-truck-space-ship, of course. Can you create all the types of Raboids and corner the market? You can always throw a massive party to celebrate your success.

Bunny Business is chock full of features for players to explore. Your main goal will be reuniting with your friends for a reunion party. That isn’t cheap, so you’ll need some revenue. How might you do this? Selling Raboids – a strange creature that you can obtain by feeding Mama Bunners different ingredients. To give that otherworldly creature a refined palette, you’ll want to travel far and wide. You’ll be able to catch bugs, mine, fish, and even complete quests for these delectable treats. Once you’ve fed Mama Bunners some of your finds, you’ll be able to produce some Raboids for selling.

Along your journey of looking for old friends, you’ll find new ones. What makes a better party than a whole new crew to mesh with your old one (in hopes for an even grander party)? So, get to bunny peddling and throw the party of your life!

Bunny Business is available now on Itch.io.

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